Deltapunk - Ghostwave


Artist: Deltapunk

Title: Ghostwave


  1. Ghostwave (Original Mix)
  2. Ghostwave (Oziriz Remix)
  3. Ghostwave (Oxyenen Remix)
  4. Ghostwave (Sokol Remix)
  5. Ghostwave (Golden Grey Remix)

Genre: Trip Hop / Tech House / Breakbeat

Release Date: 28/02/18

Ghostwave is the debut release from Deltapunk. Leftfield beats and twisting synths constitute the bouncing Trip-Hop vibes of the original track whilst Oziriz, Oxyenen and Sokol provide a trio of killer dancefloor-friendly remixes. Finally, Golden Grey lays on a majestic, rolling rework to complete this essential release from Full Flight.

Full Flight Records, London


Tel: 07949 287 712