Golden Grey - Colours


Artist: Golden Grey

Title: Colours


  1. Maroonish Teal
  2. Reddish Yellow
  3. Brownish Orange
  4. Pinkish Purple
  5. Goldish Grey
  6. Blackish White
  7. Greenish Blue
  8. Silverish Bronze

Genre: Downtempo / Leftfield

Release Date: 17/05/18

'Colours' is the hotly anticipated debut of Canadian artist, Golden Grey and essential listening for fans of laid back electronica. This concept album consists of eight tracks, expressing a variety of colourful emotion - from the opening track, 'Maroonish Teal' to its close with 'Silverish Bronze', it's a cinematic electronic journey from beginning to end.

Full Flight Records, London


Tel: 07949 287 712